I built two new styles for the awesome website avherald.com. Nothing amazing, though the reading gets easier and softer I believe. It works on computers (Firefox and Chrome) and also on mobile via Firefox !

Stylish plugin : FirefoxChrome
Styles : modernizedmodernized adds free

3 chapters, short to read. Even the installation is about few seconds !

  1. How it looks like ?
  2. How to get it in few clicks ?
  3. Note

1. How it looks like ?

Home page

Original homepage

New homepage

New homepage, no adds, better for mobiles


Original article

New article

New article, no adds

2. How to get it in few clicks ?

Pretty easy, pretty fast, pretty :

From a computer :

  1. Install Stylish plugin. For Google Chrome. For Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Get your style : modernizedmodernized adds free.
  3. Go to avherald.com.

From mobiles :

  1. Install Firefox (iPhone, Android)
  2. Get the plugin.
  3. Get your style : modernizedmodernized adds free.
  4. Go to avherald.com.

Please consider the style with adds. My work shouldn’t be an handicap for the avherald team. It should only helps regular readers. The style without adds is dedicated to mobiles. Thanks.

3. Note

I couldn’t change the content and it was quite a fight to get the very old fashion HTML look better. I’m not a graphist but if you are, or if you have advices about colours and stuff, please share.

For devs and curious, the CSS files are available on a GitHub repository.

Since the website is made from a grid pattern (HTML tables within tables within tables and so on) magic can not be done here.

This website, avherald.com, as you may know is really awesome. It doesn’t need a modern cool funky design as the content for itself is amazing. I just wanted to make stuff clearer and less brutal for your sweet eyes.

Take care and have some good reading on avherald.com !